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Compliance Flash!

Next stop for the Obamamcare juggernaut…small businesses. Your requirements for providing healthcare for all employees will be confusing, and expensive. The time to begin formulating your compliance strategy is now, not when the enforcement auditors knock on your door.

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You’re rightfully proud of your business. To perpetuate your success, you’re always looking for even better ways to take care of your customers, your company and your staff.

Since 1999, Momentum Resources has been helping businesses just like yours prosper. Our streamlined employment processes give you more time to work on your business instead of in it. Workforce development programs mean your workers will be happier and more productive. Your total labor costs will shrink. The calculator above will give you an estimate of your real savings in hours and dollars.

You don’t do your own legal or CPA work, so why are you trying to handle complex employment matters. Leave it to the specialists. We’re local, we’re proven and we help our clients improve their bottom line.

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