Momentum Resources, Inc

Keeping The Till Full

Are you sure you’ve identified every possible area for cost savings? If you’re smart, your answer is no, and you never quit looking for the next opportunity to bolster your margin.

Your largest line item is most likely the cost of labor. It stands to reason that this is the area where the number and scale of savings opportunities are the greatest.

Cash Flow

Workers Compensation

• No audits
• No deposits
• Pay based on actual usage
• Large pool rates
• Insulation from mod rate fluctuations
• Real rates
– No laundry list of adjustments
– No understated payroll
• Fewer accidents and less lost productivity
• Accelerated return to work
• Eliminate false claims
• Gentle renewals


• Large group rates
• Multiple options = maximum rate control


• Eliminate time creep: 2-7% of payroll
• Payroll tax penalties belong to Momentum
• No cost of checks


• Lower group rates
• No automatic rate hikes with layoffs

Workforce Development

• Higher productivity
• Higher morale
• Improved retention