Momentum Resources, Inc

You’re Not the First

Questions? Here are the most common ones we hear. If yours isn’t here, click here to email us your interrogatory, and we’ll get back to you post haste.


Q. Will I lose control of my company or employees?
A. You will continue to manage your workplace just like you always have. We’ll help you manage your workforce better, improve your oversight and show you exactly where your labor dollar is going. You’ll get the most from your employees and reward them for high performance.

Q. Isn’t my company too small for your type of service?
A. We have clients ranging from single operators to larger manufacturing firms. The ability to benefit from our services does not depend on how big you are, but how smart you are.

Q. Is this employee leasing?
A. No. Under employee leasing, the employees worked for the outside provider and were rented to the client. Under co-employment, our model, they are jointly employed. You maintain worksite control while we handle backroom personnel matters.

Q. Do I have to use all of your services?
A. Not if you don’t need them. We have a number of clients who only utilize a portion of our offerings.

Q. Don’t I have to contribute to the cost of benefits for my employees?
A. Not necessarily. We have an array of health and supplemental products that you can make available on a 100% employee paid basis.

Q. Why should I change what I do now? It works.
A. Because you can make it work even better. You could still use a crank handle adding machine to do your business math, but you found a better mousetrap. The most successful companies keep finding more efficient and economical ways to compete.